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Triplex Jetting Pressure Pump
The triplex jetting pressure pump is used in many industries for cleaning machines and also for controlling and monitoring the flow of water. The pumps have a high durability and can be used in various industries.
Water Jet Cleaning Equipments
We offer a wide variety of water jet cleaning equipments that is used for cleaning of tough stains like oil, grease, dirt, mud etc. The cleaning equipment have high durability and are made for fulfilling different industrial purposes.
Triplex High Pressure Plunger Pump
We have a wide variety of triplex high pressure plunger pump that is used in various industries for high power cleaning for removing of tough stains and re-use of a surface.
Wet Sand Blasting System
The wet sand blasting machines are used for various purposes like paint removal, rust removal etc. it Is used on different surfaces for cleaning of tough stains and for reusing that surface.
High Pressure Jet Pump - Hawk Series
The high pressure jet pump hawk series are high power pumps that are used for cleaning of stains from various surfaces like metal, concrete etc. the pumps have high strength and high water pressure.
High Pressure Reciprocating Triplex Plunger Pump
The triplex plunger pump are high power pumps that have use in various industries like manufacturing andconstruction, the pumps show a high strength and are very durable.
commercial Car Washer Equipment
The car washing equipment is offered by keeping in mind the need for cleaning the surface of the cars, the equipment is designed for a long service life and is used in various ways.
Hydro Jetting Equipments
We offer a wide variety of hydro jetting equipments that are used for cleaning of various machines and equipments, the hydro jetting is useful in many industries as it has high power and pressure.
High Pressure Pump Accessories
We are here supplying the supreme quality High pressure pump accessories that are used for effective working of the pumps, we offer the pressure regulating valve and other products.
Triplex Plunger Pump Accessories

Triplex Plunger Pump Accessories are what we provide, and they are quite effective and give the best performance. In the most challenging cleaning environment, these include friction resistance and longer-lasting performance. We supply the following specially created valve and nozzle.

commercial Car Washer

Commercial and industrial sectors can employ the Commercial Car Washers, which offer a range of functions.  These products are simple to install and provide dependable performance. These devices offer effective washing of automobiles while being high performing and low maintenance.

Jet Cleaning Machine

The first method of unclogging obstructed lines is usually to utilize  Jet Cleaning Machines, which employs high-speed, high-pressure water to eliminate obstructions in pipe systems. After these devices have fixed the issue, periodic maintenance will maintain the lines clear and operating effectively.

Pressure Testing Pump

Our company produces pressure testing pumps. The direct drive capability of our pumps makes them well suited for engine operation. These are lightweight hand-operated portable systems that only require one guy to operate them.

Our major export countries are Australia, Asia, Africa and United Arab Emirates.